In the history of Canada, the First Nations have thrived, gathered, hunted, bartered, and traveled in the North York area of the country. The place used to be a center of agricultural progress and economic success. Nowadays, these values are carried over for the continuity of the district’s development. North York has paved the way to bridge settlers, merchants and entrepreneurs. The region prides itself on more than 50,000 acres of countryside and vivid outdoors. As time passed by settlements began to rise, villages were established, and life continues to flourish. North York proudly presents a community center that takes care of the welfare of every constituent and visitors that grace their area; it’s known as the Cummer Park community center.

The Cummer Park community center offers an extensive variety of health, wellness, and fitness program that every person from every age bracket would love.

Registered Programs

Since Cummer Park community center provides an avenue for holistic well-being, registered programs are available for all of the people to join. For the arts, there is ballet, hip-hop for child and adults, and visual arts for children and adults as well. In the area of fitness, there are cardio activities geared towards the older people of the community, pilates, post-natal fitness, tai chi and yoga, all for adults. Aside from the mentioned programs, the Cummer Park community center has a skating rink suitable for the following programs: figure skating, hockey, and basic skating. For sports, registered programs revolve around martial arts and racquet sports all for children. The center offers a swimming facility that is perfect for all levels of swimming programs.

Drop-in Programs

There are also drop-in programs for fitness aspects like the use of fitness centers suitable for individuals over 16 years of age. The oval track is perfect for running and walking for individuals 12 years old and above. The skating rink is open for all from 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM. For sports activities, table tennis programs for 13 years old to 25 years old are available. For the use of swimming facilities, there’s aquafit, lane swim, and leisure swim for different levels of swimmers.

Fitness Center Memberships

For these activities, one can join in the following programs like body sculpt, cardio and sculpt, cardio – low impact, gentle pilates, yoga, Zumba, cardio dance and step. Just remember that there are age brackets for these programs to enter. Moreover, the mentioned programs have different schedules. Therefore, you should visit the Cummer Park community center for more details.

Nearby shops and stops

After a tiring session of invigorating Zumba dance, or exhausting laps at the pool, you can head to the nearby parks like Bestview park, Pineway park, and Garnier park. These places are perfect for relaxation and sightseeing. Plus, if you want to escape your mundane routine of work and stress, you can head over to these places for a breath of fresh air.

Cummer Park community center is located at 6000 Leslie St., North York, ON.

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