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Fascia and soffit Overview

Fascia and soffit are essential in protecting the edges of your roof. Usually, edges are vulnerable to harsh weather conditions and other exposure to hazards such as blocked gutters and bird nesting. Why should you install fascia and soffit on your property?

Here are a few important facts about fascia and soffit, and why it’s vital to keep them maintained.

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Significance of fascia and soffit systems


Fascia act as a protective barrier between the edge and the outside of your roof. With proper maintenance, they last for years with minimal maintenance.

It’s therefore extremely vital to keep an eye on your fascia system for any signs of wear and tear. If you notice any damage or other concerns, just give us a call at 647-556-2362, and we will help you.


Soffit helps to cover up exposed rafters on your roof. If your rafters are exposed, they can rot and weaken, which can cause roof instability. If this happens, you can incur large cost for repairs.

Soffit also offer additional ventilation to your attic. Small holes in the soffit allow air circulation. This feature is essential, especially during the winter and summer seasons as this allows air circulation thereby protecting your attic from overheating.

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How to tell if you need fascia and soffit replacement or repair

It’s quite easy to tell if your fascia or soffit systems are damaged. For instance, if the paint on the fascia and soffit is peeling, then you should be aware that they aren’t keeping off moisture properly. You should also look out for damp and rotting area’s which might be signs to call us to provide you our thoughts on weather work needs to be done.

If you notice these signs, then make sure that the system is repaired as quickly as possible. If you ignore these signs it can lead to more damage. Remember that you need a roofing specialist to come and assess your home for you. Even though it may look okay to personally handle it, you’d be risking both personal and property damage.

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Fascia and soffit cleaning

Most common causes of damages to gutters, fascia, and soffit are due to build-up of rotten leaves and moss. To avoid such issues, it’s vital that you clean your system regularly. Here at North York Roofing Team, we will clean your gutter and fascia systems both out and inside regularly to ensure smooth functionality all year round.

Fascia and soffit replacement

If you notice that your fascia and soffit are damaged beyond repair, then it’s time to replace them. Otherwise, you may risk exposing your property’s roof, which can be hazardous and will definitely cost you more to repair or replace. Our team are experts in fascia and soffit replacement solutions. We will help you protect the longevity of your roof while improving the overall look of your property.


Here at North York Roofing Team, we are trusted contractors for fascia and soffit installation solutions. We will install your new fascia and soffit systems properly within an affordable budget and time.

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At North York Roofing Team, we are dedicated to offering the best quality of fascia and soffit solutions. Besides North York, our services are extended to Toronto, Vaughan, Mississauga, Brampton, Etobicoke, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, Thornhill, Markham, Newmarket, Ajax, Pickering, East York, York Region and the GTA cities.

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