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Flat Roofing Overview

There is a reason why most commercial buildings prefer to use flat roofing in their structures. Sloped roofs have its aesthetic value, particularly if it is made from a tar and gravel roof but with flat commercial roofing system you get many advantages, especially when you are building a business establishment.

When looking for commercial roof repair in Toronto, a flat roofing company will present different materials, costs, and maintenance schedules for flat and sloped roofs. Why do most commercial buildings have flat roofs while others have sloped roofs? Depending on the building structure, functionality, and budget requirements; you may observe different roofing types and systems altogether.

North York flat roofing

Here are 5 reasons why commercial buildings have flat roofing.


Flat roofs are less expensive to build and maintain compared to traditional sloped roofs. And since it is a more cost-effective option, flat roofs must be carefully installed and should be adequately maintained to prevent water pooling and leaking on the roof that could end up to structural problems.

A properly installed flat roof has a lot of benefits. It reduces energy demand, increases structural durability, and creates a safe place for the people in the building. Since a flat roof reduces energy demand, it lowers heating and cooling utility bills.

Easy to maintain

All types of roof systems need regular and proper maintenance to prevent potential structural damages, but flat roofs are easier to maintain because they can be accessed easily too. Commercial roofers prefer walking on a flat roof because it is less complicated than trying to walk on a sloped roof. Leaks and damages can be found easily and addressed promptly.

Durable roof integrity

The average lifespan of a roof system is from 20 to 30 years provided it is installed correctly by a highly reliable, licensed, commercial, or industrial roof professional. The roof must be maintained regularly throughout its life span. It is also faster to replace, repair, or install a flat roof over a sloped roof.

Multi-purpose space

A flat roof has more potential than a sloped roof. It can easily be used to create a more energy-efficient structure using solar panels. This could potentially reduce energy demands and costs.

Effective drainage

Aside from being highly reliable, extremely cost-effective, and huge potential to convert; flat roofing can effectively drain out rainwater using a rainwater roll-off system that ensures the prevention of water build-up on the roof.

Our Services

North York flat roofing

Repair damaged flat roof

Here at North York Roofing Team, we are experts in all manners of flat roofing repairs. If you feel that your flat roofing need some upgrades, then just call us immediately to avoid further damages such as leaks which have the severity to do serious damage to your home.

We will conduct a proper inspection and find out exactly where the problem lies. Our team is well equipped and experienced, we will find and repair the damages. Taking care of little issues such as flat roofing repairs promptly is essential and will save major expenses if the problem wasn’t dealt with in time.

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Flat roof installation

Regardless of the season, here at North York Roofing Team, we will advise you on the very best materials for your roof. Additionally, our team of experts will install your flat roofing efficiently and timely. We strive to provide you with quality services, you don’t have to worry that the bad weather is coming. We got your back!

Whether you are considering replacing your old flat roofing or getting a new flat roofing, we are the best flat roofing team to hire. You can trust us to offer you nothing but the best there could be flat roofing services.

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A flat roof should be installed only by a professional, trusted flat roofing contractor, especially for commercial buildings. If you are in the Greater Toronto Area and nearby towns you can rely on North York Roofing Team for your flat roof Toronto issues. We also service flat roof repair Toronto, Scarborough, Richmond Hill, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Vaughan, Markham, and East York; North York Roofing Team can assist you in installing it in your commercial establishment.

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