Whether you’re young or young-at-heart, you can always play and have fun with friends and family! It doesn’t have to risky, expensive, and chaotic! You’re always welcome at Playtime Bowl and Entertainment for pleasure and exciting times.

You can choose if you want to bowl and compare scores with friends and family for some competitive play, you can pick a challenging laser tag session for a thrilling moment, or reminisce your childhood memories on arcade games and possibly redeem some cuddly plushies. Whatever it is that you choose, you can enjoy some high-rolling and memorable fun times only at Playtime Bowl and Entertainment.

Bowling Alleys

Recognized as one of the leading bowling alleys in Toronto when it comes to upscale and boutique bowling, Playtime Bowl and Entertainment is proud to offer 28 lanes of high-tech bowling equipment and automatic scoring, filled with HD flat panel monitors, and sufficient lighting. What’s more, is that every bowling lane has its comfortable seating areas and couches so that you can drink and eat while playing. Aside from the regular bowling lanes, there are VIP rooms that you can book for events like birthdays and more.

Laser Tag

There’s something about the flashy lights and the thrill of engaging in a game of laser tag with friends, family members, or colleagues that makes it so memorable. It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice or an expert in this play area; all you have to do is have fun! Playtime Bowl and Entertainment offer a 4,000 sq. ft. laser tag arena, arches, glowing pillars, ways filled with LED lights, fog, and entertaining music. Through varied courses and game modes, players will have to navigate through it all without being seen by enemies. Moreover, you have the option to play as an individual player or a competitive team. With Playtime Bowl and Entertainment, you can wear the latest gear, scoring team, laser vest, and phaser technology.

Arcade Games

Arcade games are reminiscent of one’s childhood pas and warm memories. Imagine how you would line up your coins for your slot on a mega-hip match, or how you can win toys instantly. Playtime Bowl and Entertainment have the latest video games, instant win games, and redemption prize games. They have a card system technology that players use for their e-tickets for assorted prizes that they can use on the redemption store. They have a wide variety of game selections from the Walking Dead, Ski-Ball, Air Hockey, Hoops, Cruisin’ Blast, Down the Clown, Space Invaders, Giant Crane, Big Bass Wheel, Key Master, Grand Piano and many more. Just make sure to open the website from time to time to be updated with the latest changes in in-game selections.

If you want to be entertained, Hollywood-style (but in Ontario), you can invite your friends, family, and colleagues for a night of wonder, excitement, and make memories. You can drive in for an hour or two of bowling, laser tag, or arcade games while munching on food and drinks.


Playtime Bowl and Entertainment is located at 33 Samor Rd, North York, ON.

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