Established as a venue for the 2015 Pan American Games, York Lions Stadium in Toronto is a massive, LEED-certified athletics and sports complex. It also served as the main host for the track and field competitions specifically for the 2018 OFSAA Track and Field Championships, Central America and Carribean Masters Track, the 2017 North America, 2017 Invictus Games, and the 2017 North American Indigenous Games.

The recreation and sports facilities of York Lions Stadium are situated in the northwest direction of the Keele campus of York University, which is located at the south of Steeles Avenue and east of Jane Street.

Track field at York University

There are numerous ways on how to get to the facilities of the stadium, and these include taking a city bus, driving a private car or riding a train via the TTC Subway Station. If you will be going to the stadium through a bus or private car, you can opt for the Thompson Road Lot route, which is south of Tait McKenzie Centre, or take the Founders Road East Visitors Lot route or the Arboretum Lane Parking Garage.

If you are going to the stadium through the Tait McKenzie Centre, the closest TTC subway station is the Pioneer Village Station. Another subway route towards the York Lions Stadium is through the York University Station.

One of the main goals of the York Athletics and Recreation Department, which manages the stadium, is instilling a dedication to excellence, investing competence in leadership, and being a champion with regards to health and wellness, sports, and other physical activities.


Here are some of the programs offered at York Lions Stadium:

Group Drop-In Fitness

Group Drop-In Fitness programs are classified into three categories, namely, Burn Boot Camp, Spin Classes, and Cardio Kick.

Burn Boot Camp involves the combination of circuit training and Cross-Fit to provide powerful and high-energy training, which will leave your muscles properly toned.

Spin Classes, on the other hand, will help you burn more calories through its high-intensity tempo music, allowing you to feel more motivated and invigorated.

Cardio Kick is basically a non-sparring, non-contact class that focuses on the various types of conditioning for boxers. It involves training in kickboxing methods and techniques.

Fitness and Lifestyle Services or Personal Training

If you have fitness goals but you want to train at your own pace and time, then personal training programs are ideal for you. The trainers and fitness coaches will personally attend and assist you in establishing realistic fitness and health goals. This is coupled with proper guidance through professional and sound advice in order to attain the fitness level you want.

Diabetes Sports Camps

The Diabetes Sports Camp is a multi-sport day camp offered at York University. It offers summer camps, skills development programs, amazing workouts, mentoring and normalization, education, and diabetes support for all levels.

Specialty Classes

Some of the specialty classes at York Lions Stadium include power yoga and aerobic or fitness interval training.

Power Yoga entails intensive yoga sessions that integrate power movements into a series of flowing postures. It naturally focuses on the individual’s cardiovascular endurance, strength, balance, flexibility, and alignment.

Aerobic training involves the implementation of a blend of slow and fast rhythms for the purpose of body toning and sculpting. It normally deals with the abdominal area, arms, legs, and glutes.


York Lions Stadium is located at York University, 4700 Keele Street, North York, Ontario, Canada M3J 1P3

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