Roof vent repair and installation

Roof vent Overview

If you are looking to install roof vents on your property, then make sure you are doing it right. This requires you to use the right materials, but to ensure that the vent is installed properly, call in a roofing professional. Having proper ventilation is vital for the long-term wellbeing of your entire building as a whole.

If you are worried about how to go about it, then we can help. Here at North York Roofing Team, we are highly skilled and experienced in roof vents services. We are the local roofing company to call in case you need vents service in North York, Toronto, Vaughan, Mississauga, Brampton, Etobicoke, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, Thornhill, Markham, Newmarket, Ajax, Pickering, East York, York Region, and the GTA; we are the ones to call.

We will make sure that your vents are installed safely, securely, and efficiently. Here are some benefits of having your roof vents installed by our professional team of roofers.

  • Reduced amount of moisture in your attic – moisture can cause your roof to rot
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Helps to reduce the chances of ice damming of your roof
  • Durable service with little maintenance
North York roof vents

Significance of fascia and soffit systems


Fascia act as a protective barrier between the edge and the outside of your roof. With proper maintenance, they last for years with minimal maintenance.

It’s therefore extremely vital to keep an eye on your fascia system for any signs of wear and tear. If you notice any damage or other concerns, just give us a call at 647-556-2362, and we will help you.


Soffit helps to cover up exposed rafters on your roof. If your rafters are exposed, they can rot and weaken, which can cause roof instability. If this happens, you can incur large cost for repairs.

Soffit also offer additional ventilation to your attic. Small holes in the soffit allow air circulation. This feature is essential, especially during the winter and summer seasons as this allows air circulation thereby protecting your attic from overheating.

Our Services

Whatever roof vents services you need, whether for commercial or residential properties, we can take care of them. We will;

Repair damaged vents

Here at North York Roofing Team, we are experts in all manners of ventilation repairs. If you feel that your vents need some upgrades, then just call us immediately to avoid further damages such as leaks which have the severity to do serious damage to your home.

We will conduct a proper inspection and find out exactly where the problem lies. Our team is well equipped and experienced, we will find and repair the damages. Taking care of little issues such as vent repairs promptly is essential and will save major expenses if the problem wasn’t dealt with in time.

Vent installation

Regardless of the season, here at North York Roofing Team, we will advise you on the very best materials for your roof. Additionally, our team of experts will install your vents efficiently and timely. We strive to provide you with quality services, you don’t have to worry that the bad weather is coming. We got your back!

Whether you are considering replacing your old roof vents or getting a new roof vent, we are the best roof ventilation team to hire. You can trust us to offer you nothing but the best there could be roof ventilation services.

Get A Free Quote

Whatever your roof ventilation services needs are, here at North York Roofing Team, we got everything you need. Take your time and let us know about your roof vents needs at 647-556-2362 and receive a free quotation.

Remember that besides offering the best roof vents services, we can also take care of your other roofing services, including metal roofing services while leaving you with a beautifully maintained home with minimal regular maintenance.

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