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Skylight service Overview

Skylights will not only brighten up your space but will also increase the value and beauty of your home. When it comes to installation of skylights, our team of experts at North York Roofing Team is trained to handle any skylight projects safely and professionally.

We understand that installing skylights requires keen attention to instructions and cannot be done by anyone. We are certified and registered to carry out skylights services from installing to repairs and replacements.


When you choose to work with us,
you can rest assured of the highest quality of services.

We pride ourselves in providing quality services and customers satisfaction. If you are wondering why you should install skylights in your home or office, then here are some benefits;

Brightens your home

Skylights allow natural light into your property, making spaces brighter and colors truer. The natural lighting through the skylights will penetrate to every corner of the room while illuminating the whole space with natural, gentle, and comfortable light. A skylight can also be used to provide natural lighting to rooms with no windows.

e space with natural, gentle, and comfortable light. A skylight can also be used to provide natural lighting to rooms with no windows.

Saves energy

The natural light from skylights reduces the need to use artificial daytime lighting, therefore, saving on the electrical bills. Additionally, skylights also give room for fresh air, which reduces the need for air conditioning and decreasing the overall cooling bills while reducing the environmental footprint.


If you stay indoors, then there is a higher chance that you miss on sunlight. However, skylights can allow in natural light in your room without sacrificing your privacy. So, if you like being indoors call us for quick skylight installation and enjoy beautiful, warm, and natural light in your indoor space.

Our Services

Now that you know the benefits of installing skylights in your home, it’s time to cut the electricity bills and get to enjoy natural lighting by installing skylights.

You don’t have to worry about how it is done, here at North York Roofing Team, we are experts in skylights services, and we can help you enjoy the blue skies right at the comfort of your interior living room.

Our team of experts will give you sound advice on skylight materials and designs while installing and repairing malfunctioning ones. We can handle both the fixed and fresh air skylights.

Both the fixed and the fresh air skylight provide natural light, but the fresh air skylights are more beneficial because they provide added benefits, including improved air circulation. Fresh air skylights can be opened to allow the hot air to escape while letting the fresh air to enter.

Whether you need fixed or the fresh air skylights, our team of professionals will take care of it.

We aim at providing the best possible skylights installation and repair services to all our customers in North York, Toronto, Vaughan, Mississauga, Brampton, Etobicoke, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, Thornhill, Markham, Newmarket, Ajax, Pickering, East York, York Region, and the GTA.

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