Do you have the urge to run away and escape the chaotic life of overwhelming stress for a place beaming with life and serenity? The mundane and tiring routine of everyday tasks can be too much to handle. However, you can escape your woes for a solid hour or two while you breathe in fresh air and get lost in the relaxing vibe of the Edwards Garden.

The Edwards Garden is located near Toronto Botanical Garden that offers scenic, untapped, and fresh outdoor settings for visitors and locals to enjoy. Before being developed into the now famous, Edwards Garden, the place used to be an estate garden. Now, it’s the perfect place for an afternoon stroll, a stunning picnic setting for two and more! If your interest is piqued and would want to enjoy Edwards Gardens, here are things you can expect.

Entrance of Edwards Garden in Toronto

Brief background

Before turning into a public place of wonder and tranquillity for everyone at North York, Edwards Garden used to be a private estate owned by Alexander Milne. Then, the land was bought by Rupert Edwards in the year, 1944. He made a garden out of the neglected part of the estate and eventually sold the property to the City of Toronto in 1955. From that moment on, the City of Toronto enhanced the place that all people came to love.

What to do in Edwards Garden

Statistically speaking, people spend a minimum of one hour and a maximum of three hours in Edwards Garden. It can be a short coffee break or catching up with friends and family that makes each visit unique and memorable.

The site can be divided into two sections: a lower valley and an upland area. In the garden, you’ll be amazed by the roses and perennials that are breathtakingly stunning. The upland area, on the other hand, features rhododendrons, wildflowers, and towering rock formations that are extraordinary.

When you visit, chances are, you’ll witness any of the following: colorful floral displays, wooden arch bridges, formal gardens, greenhouse, fountains, water wheels, and walking trails that are ideal for events and photographic opportunities.

Located on the upper valley, you’ll discover a Children’s teaching garden and an arboretum that are suitable for kids’ enjoyment and learning experience. This educational garden integrates plant names for easy identification and kids are encouraged to touch and smell the plants. Moreover, an interactive Dinosaur garden is an excellent place for kids that would like to explore what plants dinosaurs consumed when they’re alive.

In July and August, a mini-summer concert series occurs in the garden. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining or shining, the show always goes on. The band would play at the courtyard adjacent to the historic barn, and it is advisable to bring your chairs or blankets while listening to the rhythmic melodies of nature.

Plus, if you want to grab a bite while lounging around the gardens, you can go to a café located in the nearby The Botanical Garden. This café is open only from May to October.


Edwards Garden is located at 755 Lawrence Ave. E, North York, ON.

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